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 Taeyang wants to be 2NE1?

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PostSubject: Taeyang wants to be 2NE1?   Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:57 am

One of the reasons I love Taeyang so gosh-darned much – other than his looks, his voice, his dance moves, his absolutely mind-boggling abs - something about him strikes me as so familiar , even though my exposure to Korean men has been very small indeed. I guess it’s that inexplicable connection that causes us to favor certain artists over others.

In a recent interview with Yonhap News, he speaks about a low period in his life wherin he felt much self doubt:

‘He also talked about how looking back over the year, he had nearly lost belief in himself. He says, “I’ve had so many thoughts on my mind. We were going back and forth between Korea and Japan non-stop and half the time I didn’t even know what I was doing. When I was alone in our apartment while the other members were busy doing individual activities, the thought, “what am I doing all this for” weighed heavily on my heart. The answer of course was I was doing it all for myself.”’

Sigh. So sweet, so humble – maybe too humble, which may explain his comments concerning labelmates 2NE1-

TaeYang said, “Each member of 2NE1 is uniquely talented, which is enviable.”
Big Bang, which is a member of YG Entertainment, introduced their juniors, girl group 2NE1, with the CF and MV for Cyon’s Lollipop phone. In an interview with “Sol,” for his song, “Wedding Dress,” he mentioned each of the 2NE1 members and praised each for their talents.

“I envy Park Bom and her unique and outstanding voice,” he said, “Especially in their song, I Don’t Care, her voice is distinct and unique, and the chorus part which she sang is really good. Park Bom’s voice is popular even before her debut with the group, and her voice here lends a youthful tone to the song.”

After Park Bom, the group’s leader, CL, and the group’s maknae, Minzy were also praised, saying, “CL’s rap skills, plus Minzy’s dancing skills makes a song have sensual power.”

“For live performances, I find that Park Sandara is funny and always has the best expressions,” he says of Dara, one of the group’s vocalists, “I get worried because she practices all night, but her hard work is worth it, because Dara’s expression on-stage, are the most wonderful.”

Dude, don’t sell yourself so short! Yes, the girls are talented, but they should be looking up to you! Come to think of it, a Minji/Taeyang dance-off would be hot.

[©YonHap News][Translated by pgeorgie]Credits to AlwaysTaeyang

Cr: AP Reuters, contributed by Translated by: Belle @ 21evo, aka knucklepink + seoulbeats ,
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Taeyang wants to be 2NE1?
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