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 2NE1 To Go Solo

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PostSubject: 2NE1 To Go Solo   Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:20 am

Just a scant few months since their July debut, and the ladies of 2NE1 are planning a full-scale solo concert by the end of the year.

From the explosion of new girl groups this year, 2NE1 is surprisingly one of the more popular and most profitable.

In the past male idol groups have dominated the concert scene; it may seem sexist, but it just happens that a sea of Cassiopeans will most likely out-buy every girl group fan club combined.

To date, the only girl groups that have held solo concerts are Finkl(1998,1999) , S.E.S(2000) and Wonder Girls(2008). As the girls are still considered a “rookie” group, this is an uncommonly risky move by YG. Blackjack fans are great in number – but do they have that magic number that translates to ticket sales?

The group is planning a November album, so Teddy and Perry should have produced enough songs by then for a 2 hour show. But, it will be a lot of pressure on the girls for sure and will test not only 2NE1’s meddle, but the influence of their fans. If the concert is successful we could see change (real change people!) as to how girl groups are promoted and marketed in k-pop. Or 2NE1 will prove to be a freak abnormality in the music biz. Either way, it will be something to look out for.

SOURCE: 김원겸 기자
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2NE1 To Go Solo
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