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 Cynic; This just made my day, they're reuniting

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Cynic; This just made my day, they're reuniting Empty
PostSubject: Cynic; This just made my day, they're reuniting   Cynic; This just made my day, they're reuniting EmptySat Dec 25, 2010 9:53 am

Cynic - The Legend Reborn
By Brandon Strader

In the late 80s / early 90s, the death metal scene was starting to really thrive and prosper with bands such as Death, Possessed, Cynic, and Atheist among others. Probably the two best known out of that little list are Death and Cynic. Only one full-length album was ever released by Cynic, the beloved Focus, and the band disbanded in 1994. Now they are planning some kind of reunion for Spring/Summer 2007 that I recently had the chance to speak to Paul Masvidal about in this first half of a two-part interview for Cynic and Aeon Spoke.

Welcome back, Cynic! What provoked the Cynic reunion and why Spring 2007 instead of right now?

A series of synchronicities incited the reunion. Next spring/summer because we need to time to rehearse, book shows and get all matters in order.

Which members from the original line-up will be returning?

Along with Sean Reinert and myself, Tony Teegarden and Chris Kringel toured with Cynic for Focus. Santiago Dobles is the only member whoís completely new, yet a big part of our past as a student, friend and fellow musician with Aghora.

What kind of tours will Cynic be playing, and where?

All the details will be revealed in due time. At the moment, I suspect most of the major European summer festivals, along with other possible US and Europe dates.

Are there plans to release a new album?

No plans for a new Cynic album. We will be exploring some other possibilities.

"Focus" was released in 1993, and was loved by the metal community. What are your thoughts on the album now, almost 14 years later?

I donít hear the album in relationship to time. Playing the songs again after all these years feels great. Iím excited to be re-birthing this record in a live setting.

I haven't really heard another band that sounds like Cynic. Where did the inspiration or influence to write that kind of material come from?

We listened to Jazz, fusion, other metal bands of the time, pop music, classical, experimentalÖjust about everything, and our music reflected that diversity.

Why did Cynic break up in 1994? Didn't "Focus" sell pretty well?

We morphed, changed, and grew away from the experience of being in a band together. We were frustrated with the music business. It was a combination of life stuff. Focus did ok in its time. Itís sold more in the past 5-10 years than it did itís first 3-4. The album has taken its time evolving in the ears of the world.

Thank you for your time! What have you all decided you would like to do when you officially reform and how far are you going to take it this time?

Not sure what will happen. Iím taking this process one day at a time. Weíll see what unfolds.

Check out for updates.

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Cynic; This just made my day, they're reuniting Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cynic; This just made my day, they're reuniting   Cynic; This just made my day, they're reuniting EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 8:33 pm

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Cynic; This just made my day, they're reuniting
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