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 Sandara Park, Sulli, Jo Yeo-Jung and the Golden Age of “Baby

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PostSubject: Sandara Park, Sulli, Jo Yeo-Jung and the Golden Age of “Baby   Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:42 am

Both female and male stars are obsessed with anti-aging, and ways to look younger than they are these days.

A baby face is when someone looks younger than they are, and has an innocent charm. The hype of many female celebrities is to have baby face attached to their name.

Then which celebrities are the baby face stars right now?

2NE1′s Sandara Park who no one will believe was born in 1984 is the most well-known for having a baby face. She has clear white skin and a small face, which add to her overall charm.

YG Entertainment, Sandara Park’s agency, has said that “Sandara Park is a person who once her actual age is revealed, people blink their eyes in awe. However, Sandara Park sometimes has a baby face but she can also have a sexy appearance.”

f(x)’s Sulli is also famous for her baby face.

She is only 17 years old, and 170 cm tall, but she still has a cute baby face.
She may have many uncle fans(fans that are 30~40 year old men), but her face is not what the typical celebrity with uncle fans would have.

Jo Yeo-Jung, and actress from the movie “Bang Ja Jeon” is also on this list. This year she is already 30, but she has very white skin and a small face, which hides her actual age.

Passing her baby face, in “Bang Ja Jeon”, she is an erotic and sexy woman.

Another celebrity is Shin Min-Ah. She became 27 years old right before our eyes. Her baby face goes with her perfect bosy figure, which makes her more attractive.

This, celebrities with baby faces continue to flourish and this topic has become of much interest to other female celebrities.

* Source: Nate News
* Translated by: 21Kristine@YGSecret21

Source: Kbites
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Sandara Park, Sulli, Jo Yeo-Jung and the Golden Age of “Baby
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