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 2NE1ís Dara wants to find love!

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PostSubject: 2NE1ís Dara wants to find love!   Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:44 am

Despite being one of kpopís favorite 4D beauties, it looks like 2NE1ís Dara isnít exactly rocking the romance department.

In a recent interview feature with Asian Economics News, Dara revealed that she sincerely desired to go out with someone. When asked who she would identify as ideal matches, she named stars Won Bin and Kang Dong Won. ďIím kind of sad that Won Bin doesnít have many activities nowadays,Ē the idol mentioned. ďHe was really cool in the drama Kkokji. I ideally match with tough, young boys, and Won Bin is just like that.Ē

Dara also spoke up about her awkward interactions with the opposite sex. ďIím not good at aegyo and I canít converse that well with men,Ē Dara said. ďGuys will say a few words to me, and theyíd leave because my reply would be kind of awkward. The [2NE1] members have told me, ĎUntil you change [that aspect of] your nature, youíll never get a boyfriend.Ē

The idol also mentioned that, in her one dating experience, she broke up with her boyfriend after a year and grew apart. Since then, Dara has been single, and, according the interview, is eager to find a boyfriend.

ďIf Iím close to someone, my personality is very bright,Ē Dara mentioned. Definitely seems like something weíve seen from the super dorky shots she posts online, donít you think? ďItís a little difficult to get to know me, but once you do, I am the Ďfrivolousí Sandara.Ē

From Alexander of U-Kiss to others, weíve seen stars claim Dara as their ideal type. ďOn air, people have chosen me as their ideal type. Iíve seen it on broadcast. But why donít they ever call me?Ē Dara pointed out. ďI donít think Iím popular. Aside from my manager, there isnít anyone around me that pays attention to me. Itís a little bit saddening.Ē

Dara also expressed sadness about the no-boyfriend rule that was part of her contract with YG Entertainment. Although Yang Hyuk Suk actually reduced the dating rule to three years, Dara doesnít think itíll do much. ďThree years from now, Iím going to be in my thirties. Work is important. Iím confident that I can be in love and still work well at the same time.Ē

When she was younger, Dara dreamed of getting married at twenty-two, so that she could wear a wedding dress when she was still young and most beautiful. ďI donít want to [get married] after thirty,Ē Dara expressed, ďBut I think itíll have to because of the contract. Itís saddening. And there arenít many chances either.Ē

Wow, surprisingly pessimistic for one of kpopís peppiest idols, donít you think? Iím sure many of you would agree that there are plenty of guys out there who would be happy if Dara gave them so much as a smile.

Source: allkpop
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2NE1ís Dara wants to find love!
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