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 'Dara, how about being an actress?'- YG

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PostSubject: 'Dara, how about being an actress?'- YG   Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:56 pm

Sandara: "When I first entered YG, 'Dara, how about being an actress?'"

Just as Dara thought she was fulfilling her childhood dream, things started to fall out of place...

”Dara, I don’t think you really fit the YG image. How about becoming an actress?”

To Sandara, who had given up her popularity in the Philippines to become a singer, those words uttered by YG [President Yang Goon] came as a huge shock to her. Working with Yang Hyun Seok [YG] had seemed like a dream come true to Dara as she liked Seo Taiji & Boys and had copied their dance moves and songs from a young age. Sandara had gotten on her plane excited about fulfilling her dream as a singer in Korea, and under her childhood hero to top it off.

“I was really shocked at President Yang’s words. He didn’t beat about the bush. In the Philippines I had a teenager image, and I lacked skill as well as being ignorant about black music. Even so however, I never even imagined that he would tell me to be an actress instead. It felt like the hardships had come.”

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Source: omgkpop
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'Dara, how about being an actress?'- YG
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